Resume for Chris Palmer

I would like to put an official thank you note in Chris's file - I am so glad he is on our team. THANK YOU!

Peer in 2015

I'm a curious, cheerful and dedicated programmer who is currently moving frequently with my wife as part of her career as an artist. I am looking at remote opportunities only.

If you're interested in a remote worker who has been working in IT for a decade or two, has been everything from a Programmer to a Sr. Business Analyst to a Manager of Portal & Integration Team to Sales Support, then perhaps we'd be a good match. I tend to do a lot of integration and "the weird stuff" in part because I enjoy working with diverse peers, quickly pick up on new technologies, handle stressful situations with calm patience and can be counted on to work reliably and happily even in ambiguous circumstances.

My resume is available in the following formats (last updated April, 2016):

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* A note about the quotes above: those come from feedback, both formal and informal, which I've been lucky enough to receive over the years. Identifying information has been removed and I've edited them slightly for clarity.